Entries for the 2017 NZ Body Art Showcase (now at The Spencer on Byron) close at 5pm, Friday 28th July.

Applications can be downloaded here.

Your Support Is Needed

The NZ Body Art Showcase has been running a fundraising campaign on Boosted and we really need you to help us reach our target of $5000.

We started this campaign to help with venue cost and looking after everybody involved on the day; that hasn’t changed. The money raised from Boosted will be going directly into a smaller event at The Spencer on Byron in Takapuna.
This event will give artists a place to showcase and photograph the works they have created for the 2017 NZ Body Art Showcase and still have it seen by our fantastic panel of judges including Richard Taylor and Gino Acevedo of Weta Workshop.

We hope that with help from you and your network we will be able to reach our goal and bring you a small but great event for 2017.

Click the button above to make a donation or copy & paste the following link into your browser:

NZ Body Art Showcase Announcement

Unfortunately due to illness and circumstances beyond our control we have been unable to raise the funds for the 2017 NZ Body Art Showcase.

We are currently working to put together a smaller revised show (same theme) for artists still wanting to get together and experience a fun day of painting.

We will be sending out more information about the smaller revised showcase as it becomes available. However if you have any questions or if you would like more information, please email or phone 027bodyart.

Thank you for your continued support & patients.

Mem Bourke & the NZ Body Art team

Battle of the C Word

In April 2017 the creative director of the NZ Body Art Showcase, Mem Bourke, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer.
Unsurprisingly this has also made preparations for the 2017 NZ Body Art Showcase more difficult than usual.

Mem would like to thank the doctors and nurses who have been working hard to rid her of cancer; a few more procedures and hopefully she will be all clear. Mem would also like to say thank you for the flowers, prays, messages and thoughts.

Artist Spotlight: Yolanda Bartram

Since the NZ Body Art Showcase started in 2006 we have had the privilege of showcasing hundreds of talented artists from around New Zealand and the world.

To celebrate these artists (who make our show possible), we’re going to be putting the spotlight on a few of them over the coming months.

We hope you enjoy getting to know these brilliantly creative people and continue to follow their work.

Yolanda Bartram

Facebook: BODYFXNZ

Where did you study or are you self taught?
Back in the Netherlands I did a make up course as well as an airbrushing course. Body art is self taught and never stop learning.

How long have you been doing body art?
I started off when I got painted by my mom when I was 16. From there we entered competitions together. My mom, Nicole Heydenrijk, taught me face painting and FX, as we always worked together. So 22 years within this industry 😁

What made you get started in body painting?
My mom initially. I wanted to get more into theatre design and did a fashion design course with a focus on costuming. This would combine well with body art. However I don’t ever sew anymore, too busy with FX and painting.

When did you first enter the NZ Body Art Showcase?
I believe this was in 2006. The first one at Bruce mason centre. Entered/participated every year since.

What do you enjoy most about the NZ Body Art Showcase?
The coming together of a whole bunch of artists, and the opportunity to create an awesome piece of work and seeing it come alive and show it off to the world.


Who inspires you?
I would have to say my mum. She started this career path and now past 60 she created a whole new direction and is learning new materials and techniques. She is super driven to create all the time and comes up with crazy/awesome ideas.

What inspires you?
I draw inspiration from fine art, trends.
Our prosthetics or my Headpieces… when I am stuck for an idea I grab one my headpieces mix it up with a creature prosthetic and create a concept around it.

Any industry idols?
Love Nelly Rechia for her flawless edgy style. Matteo Arfanotti for his 3D effects and colour use. Craig Tracy for his full time bodypaint career and gallery.

Your one kit must have?
Mehron gold, silver and mixing liquid. Black starblend. when Bodypainting you also want some large brushes.

2012 2007

Any advice for others starting out?
Think big, a body is a large canvas. Thinking in a bigger scale can be tricky especially when you come from a makeup/facepaint background. Create a design that excites you, practice areas that are challenging and time yourself.
I like to imagine I have an hour less than is given, so I keep speed up and there is always more to finish off in the last hour.
And have FUN with it!

Multiple Body art awards
World champ special FX make up
World champs special FX BODYPAINT.
And various other awards from around the world.

2008 2011