If you’re looking for a way to express your creative side and special effects makeup or body art are your medium you need to be a part of this year’s NZ Body Art Showcase.

The producers of NZ Body Art Showcase 2017 invite you to join us 26 August 2017, for our annual event.

Application forms can be downloaded here.

The categories and awards include:

Body Paint
(1) Brush/Sponge Body Painting – themed ‘carnival’
(2) Airbrush/Brush/Sponge Body Painting – themed ‘flight’

Special Effects Prosthetics
(3) Creatures – themed ‘black forest’
(4) Fantasy – themed ‘enchanted castle’

(5) World of Fluorescent Illusion – themed ‘Atlantis undersea world’

(6) Masters Open – themed ‘Fairytale’


  1. NZ Supreme Winner
  2. Best Performance Model
  3. Youth Award (under 21)

Let your mind take flight and enjoy the honour of others viewing your art, enter the 2017 New Zealand Body Art Showcase today. Application forms can be downloaded here.

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